Top 5 Homestead Blogs

There are lots of homesteading blogs out there. Some are super informative and have really helped us to develop our homestead. I find myself going back to these same sites over and over for different kinds of information. Each has its own area of expertise that makes them unique.

Check out the top 5 most informative homestead blogs below to find your new favorite!

1. A Farm Girl in the Making

A Farm Girl in the Making is written by Ann Accetta-Scott. She is actually somewhat local to me in Western Washington. Her blog does an amazing job of covering all aspects of the homesteading lifestyle.

You can find information on cooking, preserving, fermenting, canning, gardening, poultry, goats, rabbits, etc. I love her simplistic and realistic style. She doesn’t add too much fluff to her recipes or tutorials, just good solid information that will work for you in your home.

Check out her blog here: A Farm Girl in the Making

2. The Elliott Homestead

The Elliott Homestead is written by Shaye Elliott. She also homesteads in Washington state. She is a homeschooling mom who works side by side with her husband to grow their small homestead. Her blog in recent years hasn’t been as active because she does more on YouTube and podcasts, but it is still up and full of great information. She is an amazing cook with amazing seasonal recipes. There is even a cooking community you can join for monthly recipes.

Find her blog here: The Elliott Homestead

3. The Priarie Homestead

The Prairie Homestead has been around since 2010! Jill Winger is also a homeschooling mom, who lives in Wyoming. Her and her husband have developed an awesome homestead and larger scale beef operation. Her blog focuses heavily on the homesteading aspect. She even has a cookbook which I use pretty often around my own home.

I love Jill’s blog because she uses seasonal ingredients to create simple recipes. I also love her posts about using dairy and dairy cows on the farm, something I hope to have someday. Often other blogs can help inspire us to follow our goals and help us get the information we need to follow that path armed with great information.

You can find her blog here: The Prairie Homestead

4. Grow Forage Cook Ferment

Grow Forage Cook Ferment is an awesome resource for exactly what it states growing, foraging, cooking, and fermenting. I refer to this blog often when I am preserving things such as the dandelions I did last weekend. It is also a great resource for wildcrafting, any type of herbal remedy, and my favorite thing ever is fermenting.

The thing to take away from this blog is that homesteading isn’t always just about livestock or animals. You can create sustainable life without animals at all (although I don’t recommend it). Learning to forage and use the things that are growing around you helps save money and makes you appreciate those “weeds” growing in your garden.

You can find this blog here: Grow Forage Cook Ferment

5. Morning Chores

Morning Chores is a blog developed by a team of bloggers. It is great for finding information on all things natural around the homestead. I like them the best for natural remedies for poultry and other animals. Their whole team of bloggers creates such a vast amount of information it’s hard not to stumble across this blog when looking for resources for a small farm.

You can find this blog here: Morning Chores



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