Farm Stand

Chickens are available in July!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Eggs are available in the farm stand. We restock daily. Just stop by and pay with cash or venmo.

fresh broiler chicken in Silverdale
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Coturnix Quail Eggs

***Quail are currently not laying eggs, we will be restocked in 2023

Our quail are raised on the ground, not on wire! They are provided natural shade habitat and a cozy little coop to lay their eggs.

Eggs are $5 /dozen (available April-September)

***Our 8 year old son runs the quail operation, all proceeds go to the development of his birds and his budding entrepreneurship.***

Chicken Eggs

We have a beautiful array of colorful chicken eggs available. Our chickens are raised in a large coop with pasture area access. Eggs are collected daily and placed in the fridge at the farmstand for self-service. 

Chicken Eggs $6 /dozen


Duck Eggs

***Duck Eggs are unavailable until Spring 2023

Our Silver Appleyard Duck Eggs are delicious and rich! Due to the larger yolk size, they are often sought out for baking purposes. They are also delicious as an omelet or any way you enjoy eggs. Our ducks are pasture-raised, with their geese protectors, and regularly rotated throughout the year.

Duck Eggs $7 /dozen

Farm Fresh Produce

Throughout the summer garden season farm fresh produce is available. Check our Facebook page for updates on available items.

Come check out our farmstand!

Located at:

11990 Old Frontier Road NW

Silverdale, WA 98383

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