Duroc Pigs

Duroc pigs were developed in the United States in the 1800s. They were developed through breeding “Red Hogs” and bred to maintain a quick growth on a large hog and produce large litters. Today many Durocs are used in a crossbreeding program with other breeds, especially Landrace, Yorkshire, etc. 

We have focused our pork production on purebred duroc hogs. This breed is known for being lean while having rich flavorful meat, with that being said it is not the “bacon hog” that some others are; the duroc is a well-rounded great meat hog with quality in every cut. We only have purebred and registered through the National Swine Registry which helps control the quality of the pork that we sell. Our hogs are not on self-feeders, we feed them by hand twice a day so we can monitor their growth to help ensure their quality. We also raise our hogs in small groups in rotating paddocks. This makes for happy active pigs and the fresh ground reduces the potential for disease and parasites.

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