GreenStalk Planter Review

The vertical planter idea has been around for a little while. When I was a kid growing tomatoes upside down over your patio was all the rage. GreenStalk has taken this idea to a whole new level though. The GreenStalk Planter is your solution for growing plants in a limited space. Its self-watering capabilities are only the icing on the cake. I now have two of these planters, despite having well over 3,000 square feet of garden space.

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Why is the GreenStalk so great?

Right now the GreenStalk Planter is all the rage in the homestead community. It is well deserved though! GreenStalk is a family-owned company, that truly cares about their business. They have a 5-year warranty on the planters against fading and cracking. The customer support is amazing. It is always refreshing to find a company that stands by their product and works hard to produce a quality product.

The company aside the GreenStalk Planter is a great tool for gardeners of all sizes and types. Each tier is filled with potting soil and then stacked with its own water reservoir. The water reservoir has holes that allow the water to slowly drip into the soil and not flood your plants. The bottom contains an overflow spout to drain out any excess water and they even send a plastic tube so you can redirect the drainage.

The last thing I love about the GreenStalk planter is the space it provides. Each tier has 6 pockets but they do not have dividers. Therefore each tier is filled with soil which gives your plants’ roots room to spread! The water reservoir also does not take up extra growing space. This has allowed many people to plant everything from tomatoes to squash and melons in it.

What I am growing in my Greenstalk Planters?

As I always like to say “stop questioning and just plant!” You can grow anything in these planters, they are that awesome! My first GreenStalk Planter I filled with pepper plants. I got the idea from another local urban gardener. I had been looking for solutions in my greenhouse to maximize space but still be able to grow more heat-loving plants. The GreenStalk Planter was the perfect solution. Some plants can be planted 2-3 per pocket, but bushy plants that need airflow, 1 per pocket are plenty.

My second GreenStalk Planter has been filled with herbs and tea flowers. Early in the year, my daughter asked to plant a tea garden where she can pick flowers and make her own teas. I cannot deny a request like that so I said yes of course. Then the year moved forward and I slowly realized I didn’t have anywhere to plant this awesome tea garden we planned. GreenStalk to the rescue. It works out for the best because now she can access everything right on our deck and even water her own plants. For this purpose I purchased the GreenStalk Leaf Planter, each tier is 3″ shorter and therefore requires less potting soil. It is perfect for herbs that don’t have as extensive root systems.

Who should get a GreenStalk Planter?

In my opinion, everyone should get a GreenStalk Planter. I have already gotten several family members on board, even my grandma. It is perfect for her because the watering is so simple and only requires a hose. You don’t even have to have a hose sprayer, I would still use a handle myself but it’s not necessary because the hose never comes into contact with the dirt.

One con to these planters is the weight, in the original GreenStalk, each tier holds 8 gallons of potting soil. That is heavy! So if you are looking to get one plan to have some help stacking it up. Once you get it stacked though you can start planting immediately!

The biggest deterrent to the GreenStalk Planter is cost. They are pretty expensive as an upfront cost. They do have a 5-year warranty though; what other pot can you buy with a 5-year warranty? The cost definitely put me off for a long time, but now that I have it I believe it is absolutely worth it. I wish I could order them for all of my friends because I think everyone could find a use out of them, even those who aren’t excited about gardening like I am.

I hope you decide to try the GreenStalk Planter. They really are a quality product, that will last you for years to come. Next season I plan to get another and fill it with fuchsia plants for a large fuchsia display on my deck. I love fuchsia hanging baskets but they always wither up and die because watering them is such a pain which usually ends up with me getting soaked. GreenStalk has solved that!

Get your GreenStalk Planter here and use code OLDFFF for $10 off your order!

If you already have a Greenstalk let us know in the comments what you have been growing in yours.



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